The IDENT-A-KID PROGRAM will be at our school on Thursday, Aug. 9th to photograph, fingerprint, weigh and measure children whose parents choose to participate.  An application envelope with additional information about the IDENT-A-KID Program will be sent home with children about one week before the program date.

The laminated wallet-sized ID card (similar to a driver’s license) includes the child’s full color photo, complete physical description and emergency contact information.  Important medical information including allergies, scars, etc. can also be added to the card.  It is important information for anyone your child spends time with to have in their wallet at all times.  In an emergency, you can provide law enforcement with crucial information for immediate response.

NEW “eKid-ID”, electronic version of the IDENT-A-KID card can be sent to parent’s cell phone as a picture message.  The parent stores the eKid-ID on their phone, so it is readily available.  Should their child become lost or missing, the parent can instantly forward the eKid-ID to friends, neighbors and law enforcement to help locate their child quickly.  eKid-ID is FREE to parents who purchase more than one card.

Participation in the program is optional.

Cost is per child:  1 card for $8,

2 cards for $12, or 4 cards for $16.

Information is not data based and is deleted in 45 days.

Siblings welcome!

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