New Class Schedule for 2016-2017 announced!

New Class Schedule for 2016-2017 announced!

You will all be very excited to learn that our Headmasters and Deans, along with many teachers and coaches, have composed a new and enhanced class schedule for your schools. This schedule will be in effect for the 2016-2017 school year.  It was a pleasure to coordinate this effort and everyone came together for unanimous agreement.

A number of enhancements are incorporated into the new schedule. Overall the new schedules provide more teacher planning time, longer core class periods for middle school and consolidating four short elective periods into two longer elective periods for greater efficiency.

Some of the new features include the following:

  • Teacher Planning Minutes per Week
    • K-3 teachers maintain current planning at 225 minutes per week
    • 4th-8th grade teachers gain additional dedicated planning time
      • 4-5 increases from a minimum of 225 to 260 planning minutes per week
      • 6-8 increases from a minimum of 225 to 293 planning minutes per week, including one day per week of 65 uninterrupted minutes during elective block
    • Resource Teachers gain more efficient schedule while still maintaining ample planning time (450 minutes per week)
  • Middle School Class Duration
    • Core Courses increase by 27 minutes per week
    • Resource Courses have a longer block 4 days per week at 44 minutes
    • Elective Courses now have two blocks of 65 minutes each and allow students to have two options per quarter

A number of other improvements have been made in making the schedules more uniform for each grade from day-to-day.  This makes it easier for everyone to keep track of what is taught and when.  They are attached on the next three pages.  If there are any questions, you may go to your Headmaster or coach.

We thank everyone for their suggestions and ideas, and look forward to this summer when the new schedules will take effect.

View example schedules here! 


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