Ham Radio Club

The Roger Bacon Academy offers a ham radio club (KK4AMH) that teaches students to how to operate a ham radio with the ability to communicate around the world. In an emergency such as a hurricane or other disaster, the kids realize that cell phones, telephones, and the internet may all be put out of service.  Hams with their long-range battery-driven radios may be the only surviving means of communication, and these students intend to be ready.

Bill Wetherill, N2WG, has volunteered countless hours into supervising the club and conducting lessons for the students so they can pass the examinations for their FCC radio operator’s licenses.  School founder, Baker Mitchell, K4BAG has been a ham since the 1950’s and has constructed a radio room on campus for the ham club. This gives the kids a real boost to have their own ‘HAM shack’ as hams call their equipment rooms.

Each year, hams across the country participate in a weekend-long “Emergency Field Day” where they go to campsites or open areas and erect antennas, set up their radio stations, and use generators or batteries to communicate all over the country.  School Superintendent Mark Cramer, N4NLC, operated the school’s radio at the 2011 field day last summer.

Zach Potter KK4BJU is now a General! A “General” licensed ham can operate voice or Morse code on all ham bands. It requires passing a very stringent exam. Bill taught the courses, and Zach put in the effort. Zach can now operate all of the stations on campus where we regularly talk directly to Europe and South America stations. No cell phones or internet needed! Great for emergencies when power is down and we are on mobile stations or generators.

For more information:

Jill Applewhite – japplewhite@rogerbacon.net

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