Columbus Charter School is Open!

Whiteville, NC – Columbus Charter School is excited to announce that its full classical curriculum is available for either on-campus or on-line attendance since students returned on August 6, 2020. The success of the condensed live, face-to-face on-line delivery last spring and its demand from parents prompted the expansion of the live on-line offering to encompass the full curriculum for all the upcoming year. Columbus Charter School shares its on-line program with the three sister schools in the family of charter schools managed by The Roger Bacon Academy – Charter Day School in Whiteville, Douglass Academy in Wilmington, and South Brunswick Charter School in Southport. Chromebooks and accessories were loaned to each student attending on-line.

To ensure a smooth transition to the start of their educational journey, all kindergarten students will be on-campus except in the case of a doctor’s note, at which point an on-line option will be provided. Each kindergarten student is guaranteed a spot on-campus. First and second grade students have separate on-line or on-campus classes with a dedicated teacher. On-line and on-campus students in grades 3-8 are taught concurrently. The teacher addresses on-campus students physically, and on-line students via live internet Zoom and Google Classroom. All students receive the same teacher instruction and see the same displays of maps, texts, math problems, etc. When the teacher asks a student a question, that student can be at school or at home. 

“On-line learning at Columbus Charter School was a great experience for my children!” said Columbus Charter School parent Cara Smeigh. She continued, “My children maintained a daily routine, interacted with their teachers and classmates in live sessions, and felt part of a learning community. I appreciate the strong efforts teachers made to keep the classes exciting and engaging each day. I am so thankful for the emphasis that Columbus Charter School places on academics and character development on-campus or on-line. Consistency, structure, and love are keys to children’s’ success and I trust Columbus Charter School to provide that for my children in any situation!”

April Thornbury, a parent at South Brunswick Charter School, a sister school sharing the same on-line program, remarked, “The online campus was tremendous, and very well organized. I trust South Brunswick Charter School to find not only a solution, but the appropriate matrix to ensure our children are educated and accountable for their education in an environment that is safe and responsible.”

Another South Brunswick Charter School parent, Sara Kordbacheh-Ball, said “We greatly appreciated all of the support we received from South Brunswick Charter School when we transitioned to on-line learning, which enabled us to continue our daughter’s education during these unprecedented times. Ava was still able to receive daily instruction from her teachers via zoom. She was able to still feel connected to her teachers and classmates, and that gave her something to look forward to every day!”

“When we had to transition to on-line learning in April, everything was so organized and user-friendly. The amount of work that went into all of that did not go unnoticed.” commented Tiffanie Siuta of sister school Charter Day School. She continued, “Charter Day School has been a great fit for us. Their high expectations for students and fun learning environment keeps us returning each year. The teachers and administrators truly have the students’ best interests at heart and do whatever it takes to ensure their safety. We are so thankful for Charter Day School. Teachers and administration take time to listen to questions/concerns and respond with solutions in a timely manner. We can’t say enough about Charter Day School, it’s staff, or the campus!”

Greenley McCray, a third grade Columbus Charter School student, exclaimed, “I LOVE on-line school! I love finishing my work for my teacher!”

Luke Simmons, a fourth grade Columbus Charter School student, commented, “I love our Google meetups and sending pictures of us doing projects at home. Showing off my work is great!”

Parents can expect the same high safety standards for their children on campus including implementation of all required safety precautions as outlined in the NCDHHS StrongSchools NC Public Health Toolkit. Per Governor Cooper’s mandate, masks will be required for all staff and students in grades K-8 during transitions or whenever 6-foot distancing cannot be assured. All classrooms have been set up to provide proper 6-foot distancing between students to allow mask breaks when consistent distancing can be assured.

Columbus Charter School is one of four charter schools managed by The Roger Bacon Academy, Inc. founded in 1999 by education pioneer Baker Mitchell. The other schools include Charter Day School in Leland, Douglass Academy in Wilmington, and South Brunswick Charter School in Southport with a combined enrollment of over 2,100 students in K-8. All four are tuition-free, charter schools that welcome all students, regardless of income, ability, or address. To learn more or enroll online, please visit

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